Cape Air Media Kit


Advertisement Rates


Magazine Ads

Reach Cape Air travelers in flight to your destination all year round. Cape Air Magazine is the exclusive publication in every seat pocket, on every plane. And since most flights don’t allow the use of any electronic devices, you can rest assured that readers are actively engaged in every page. Take a look at the current issue here.

Quarterly Frequency

February, May, August, November
Each issue is in circulation for three months.


2 Issues                                 10% discount

3 Issues                                 15% discount

4 Issues                                 20% discount

Rates are net

magazine advertisement rates

Rates effective with all 2019 magazine issues.

Inside Front Cover         $3,344

Page 1                                     $3,210

Page 2                                     $2,943

Page 3                                     $2,943

Inside Back Cover          $2,943

Back Cover                         $3,611

Full Spread                          $4,815

Full Page                               $2,675

Half Page                              $1,575

Quarter Page                     $975

Eighth Page                      $595


Email Ads

Access and target travelers before and after every trip. Cape Air nurtures the customer journey by emailing every guest three days before the flight departs and three days after each return. Your digital ad will be served up to travelers within your desired destination. Email ad placements will be live for three months, the same duration as each magazine issue. Space is very limited; only three digital ads are available!


2 Campaigns                             10% discount

3 Campaigns                             15% discount

4 Campaigns                             20% discount

Rates are net

EMAIL advertisement rates

Email Feature                           $775